Introduction of a regional municipal finance unit in Qazvin

Finance Unit:
Finance Unit of the annual budget planning and forecasting, a major effort to monitor their Vtvjh proper allocation of funds on one hand and reduce unnecessary expenses and current other hand, has focused on how important an important part in pushing the most funding towards the cost of construction has been effectively the duties of other financial units, adding the financial planning and guidance, can pursue claims of financial reporting and audit of balance sheets and ... Mentioned.
Staff job descriptions finance
Finance charge
Responsible for finance under the regional director shall perform duties
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Supervising material financial regulations 6 and 26 municipalities
Full implementation of municipal financial regulations
Supervising Financial Regulations Article 33 municipalities
Supervising 55 and 65 and Article 67 regulations the municipalities
Financial Supervision, supplier and warehouse
Check storage unit was
Maintenance of financial documents
Monitor the receipt of checks in advance of their due date
Documents were signed and approved the cost and they
Financial documents and audit costs
Storage Vjmdaramval
Jmdar storekeeper and financial assets under Nzrmsyvl duty shall
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Was issuing stock and stock transfers
Issued and recorded in the office wanted to buy and stock indicator
Property sheet issued for all personnel and supervision of property
Filing receipt and stock transfer
Personal property list archives
Issuing documents including all utilities, etc. Article 17
Change and deliver property and handling property tag
Defined Occupation: Accountant responsible for financial affairs under the duty shall
Credits recorded in the computerized financial system
Issuing the computerized financial system
Cost of issuing checks
Statistics prepared for the cost of a municipal center
Preparation of financial reports
Enter budget information and budgetary reform in financial system
List prepared by staff and workers rights area
We prepare documents as debts Hanne
Prepare monthly bank reconciliation
Supplier under the direct charge of finance shall perform the duties.
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Supplier Affairs (regional purchasing items required)
Check receipt of financial units
Applying forces wage
Planning document and financial factors and get a signed document
Order of goods
Call for Pricing getting to buy the roof over petty cash
Commission participation in moderate trading
Participation in moderate trading commission delivered
Motesadi contract
Motesadi regulate contracts under the charge of financial affairs is responsible for duties
Description of responsibilities and powers:
Preparation of tender documents
Advertising and revision and distribution of tender documents and relevant reports
Authorization request and the legal obligations Safety Tips
Receive warranty and contract signing
Higher and trading company Jls·hkmysyvn